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KEF–IC is designed for everybody, from professionals who deal with violence at work, to those who just want to feel safer on their daily commute. KEF–IC principles do not discriminate against the out-of-shape, physically challenged or inexperienced. They work because they are tactically and physiologically sound.

If this is your first foray into studying self-protection, KEF–IC courses will teach you the essential principles and key techniques needed to build your capability from foundation level. Through ongoing training and progression through the KEF–IC modules, you will acquire a reliable arsenal of battle-proven combative skills and tactics that can be applied under extreme pressure.

For seasoned martial artists and front-line professionals, a KEF–IC course will not only expand your repertoire of self-defence strategies and techniques, but give you the means to train them. The drills and applications learned will enable you to develop and test useful supplementary skills, as well as enhance your current abilities.

KEF–IC training is held on Thursdays. Alternatively, courses will be conducted at HAMA at various times over the year, or on demand for your group or organisation.


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